Kids’ Comfy Holiday Style

Okay, so we all know that I love toddler clothing. I mean, duh.  When Emily was around six months old I started getting into this phase where I loved dressing her in clothing that I’d wear.  She looked so grown up way before she should’ve.  I’ve grown to adore having my babies be stylish and comfortable while still maintaining the idea of having a childish wardrobe.  I decided I didn’t want them dressing in things I’d wear but in age appropriate and play worthy clothing!

Christmas At The Zoo

Every year since Emily was born Scott and I have taken Emily to the zoo during the holiday season.  It’s a gorgeous sight to see so many lights all over the zoo surrounding the amazing animals.  Mostly I love seeing these little girls’ reactions and amazement to everything! 


What are you thankful for this holiday season?  I know we all are thankful for something, right, no matter how crappy we think our lives are sometimes.  

I know what I’m most thankful for are these two little humans and their Daddy.  There’s nowhere I’d rather be than right next to them. I know, I know... such a Mom thing to say but I’m so serious.

Winterlights At Newfields

Who loves everything about the holidays?  This mama does!  There's something nostalgic about seeing Christmas lights lit up, twinkling beautifully, and giving so much joy to everyone, right?  I'm so into Christmas this year because Emily actually understands what's going on.  She knows all about Santa and tries to tell Brody about him, it's so sweet.  

My Favorite Holiday Jammies!

Here’s Brody wearing Emily’s last year pajamas and looking so stinking CUTE!  I’ve listed below some of my absolute favorite holiday pajamas, just click the link below to be taken to their site!

Halloween In Indiana

Indiana weather is so crazy.  Last week it was in the 60°s and today it’s a high of 37°, soooooo.  Yeah, thanks a lot, Indiana!  

O’well, I’ve gottwn used to spending time picking out adorable costumes just to have to cover them up with jackets and hats.  At least we had a super fun time with our two sweet babies! 

Happy Halloween!

When I Only Have One Baby

How crazy is it that when you have more than one baby and you’re out and about that it’s total

mayhem?!  Am I right?  I used to think that going out with Emily as a baby was hard work but NO WAY!  Haha!  I know now that I was living in lala land thinking it was hard with just one baby. 

When These Two Hang Out

I tell you what, once you have more than one baby and those babies start hanging out together, arguing, loving... it’s just the best feeling in the world.  I can’t even take Emily and Brody when they’re being so adorable.  My heart explodes with love! 

Tutu Tuesday

Anyone else with amazing little girls who occasionally love being super girly?! 🤚🏻 I love all the girly pinks in her closet and how she’s starting to adore sparkly things.  


Anywaaaaaay, Happy #tututuesday!

DIY Last Minute Minnie Mouse Costume

If you’re anything like me you’ve got way too much going on to think long and hard about your kiddos’ Halloween costumes but of course you still want them to be cute and something they’ll love.  Today Emily helped me make her Minnie Mouse costume from pieces we already had at home, #winning!  I love when I can get double duty out of our pieces so these types of costumes are my favorite! 

That Damn Pig

Anyone else's kiddo love Peppa Pig?  Emily is currently obsessed with this dang show.  She even oinks when she watches it and although it's freaking adorable it still doesn't make me like Peppa, haha.  I knew she would love to dress up like her favorite pig and how cute is Brody as George's dino!? 

No Pants Monday

So there's a lot of little baby belly in this post but come one... like how long am I going to be able to post photos like this without people thinking it's weird, right?  Haha!  I adore me some baby belly and baby booty but when we don't have a totally naked baby running around we have what you see, a diaper covered baby running around. 

I'm More Than Just A Mom

It's always so easy to write posts about the cute and silly things my kiddos do and say but trying to write something about that's hard.  But why is it so hard!?  I remember before I had babies the whole world revolved around me and I loved talking about myself!  But not anymore, it's like I've faded away into the background of my kids' lives.  

Our First Family Photos In Years!

Who here for some unknown reason does the same thing I did and NOT get any family photos for years?  Years?!  Yeah, I’m totally guilty of slacking which is strange since I literally take photos every single day, take photos on the side of clients, and just adore capturing our lives.  One of the big reasons I haven’t wanted family photos is because I’m not secure with the way I look but I’ve had enough of that.

The Truth About Your Second Child

I remember when I was pregnant with Brody and hearing so much that the second time around the baby doesn't get as much attention, parents don't take as many photos, parents put the kiddo in daycare sooner... all kinds of things that people were semi joking about showing how much more protected parents are of their first baby.  There are even those commercials showing the Mom handing her baby to an oil covered mechanic and her toddler standing next to her but showed how spotlessly clean she was with her first baby, haha! 

Kiddo Approved Coconut Water

How many times have you tried coconut water?  If you're like me then it's too many to count because no matter how it's flavored I can't stand the taste!  I'm not sure what it is about coconut water but even though I know it has so many nutritional benefits I still can't get behind it.  I see all kinds of people enjoying it and I feel like they must be faking it, haha.  

Dear Overwhelmed Mama,

We've all been there.  All of us mamas at some point have lost. our. shit.  There's no easy way to explain why and during that moment there's nothing we can do, or anyone can do, to fix it.  I know I've felt like I'm the one who needs "fixing" before.  Let's face it, being a mother is HARD

My 1 Minute Mom Bun

Oh happy day!  It's Friday and both kiddos are at school (daycare) so I'm a doing a little happy dance with all my free-time, haha.  I met up with a girlfriend of mine earlier and even though it's the official first day of Fall, Indiana has other plans.  It's 90° today!  Naturally once I got back home I threw my hair up in my good old mom bun so here show I do it... one minute or less! 

Putting Motherhood First + Slowing Down

Sometimes it's so hard to slow the heck down and take time out for you.  Whether that means you and your babies or you as a person being alone, you need time, we all do!  I know that Brody is our last little one so I've started to have a love/hate relationship with all the new things he's been doing.  I love that he is becoming so independent and expressive but I also hate knowing that all of his firsts are now all of my lasts.  It really makes me want to cry sometimes, just, please time-slow down! 

Handmade Must Haves For Fall

It's official!  We only have one measly week until Fall is here, my favorite season!  I adore everything that Fall brings from the oversized sweaters and boots to the cuddles around a campfire.  It really doesn't get much better for me over here in Indianapolis.  After living in our sweltering hot weather for months the cool weather and earlier sunset are so welcomed.