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Small Shop Love: April's Bloom!

Small Shop Love: April's Bloom!


Over the past few years, knowing about the small shop world, I've come into contact with so many shop owners and have made so many friends through clothing!  The owner of April's Bloom, Elizabeth, is no exception. 


It seems like when a new mama of a baby girl can't seem to find what they're looking for regarding clothing, like me, a lot of them start to sew their own clothing!  It's an amazing way to release some creativity! 


Elizabeth has a daughter named Emma and started doing the same thing once she was born.  With a background in the fashion industry, Elizabeth definitely had a leg up on the rest of us! 


I absolutely love April's Bloom's gauze dresses!  They're so well made, breathable and soft!  Emily calls them her princess dresses and loves being in them.  They're great to dress up or down and even though some pieces are 3/4-full length sleeves, they're so breathable and lightweight I wouldn't hesitate at all having her wear these on the beach!


For size comparison, Emily is 37" tall, wearing a size 2 in the blue dress and a 3 in the grey dress!

70 Degrees In February?!

70 Degrees In February?!

Has Spring Sprung?

Has Spring Sprung?