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Simple Dinners For Two With Blue Apron

Simple Dinners For Two With Blue Apron


Food!  I love food, don't we all.  With my work schedule changing all the time, trying to fit in sleep, momming to two babes, daycare, babysitting schedules, a husband's schedule that could change at any second, and so much more the time of day I struggle with is dinner.  Brody isn't easting our kind of food yet, Emily is so picky about her food so that generally leaves me and Scott up in the air about our dinner. 

Blue Apron solved our problems!  If you aren't familiar with Blue Apron it's a weekly delivery service that sends exactly what you need to make your meals, portioned out, and with directions.  I was a little weary of trying new recipes since I am the kind of person who sticks with what I like once I find it, but I was so happily surprised with Blue Apron!  Our first dinner we made was the "Chicken Under a "Brick"". 


To make this dish was so simple and the directions made things super easy to understand.  I wasn't expecting to enjoy making dinner like this as much as I did.  I loved this so much more, too, because Emily wanted to help!  She was up with us at the counter the whole time, loved seeing what was going on and loved helping us!  She even "did the dishes" so I can't complain about that! 


Blue Apron has been so generous to offer $30 OFF your first order through this link: HELLO!

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