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Our First Ballet Class!

Our First Ballet Class!


Today is a special day for me!  Emily started ballet!  I've been waiting for this day for so long I feel like.  When I was a kiddo I took all kinds of dance classes from the time I was three through I believe twelve, so dance was a huge part of my childhood and I loved it.  I'll never know the excitement my Mom felt when I started but I bet it was the same thing I felt for Emily.  


Emily is almost three and a half and for us it was the perfect time to start ballet.  She's very much into following instructions, taking turns, listening, and loves meeting new people and making friends.  On top of all that she really loves to dance!  We have dance parties all the time and she sure isn't shy when we're out and about and she feels the beat!  


I researched dance schools for a bit beforehand and wanted to make sure Emily was getting the right kind of experience and once I found The Children's Ballet, I was hooked and knew it would be the perfect place for us.  This is their 30th year, yep...30!  The Children's Ballet is a non-profit studio, which I love, and really works on instilling discipline, positive self-esteem, and hard work into their students.  


I saw first hand during Emily's class how her teacher was teaching the kiddos about the history of ballet and helping to form that base foundation and knowledge instead of only trying to learn dance moves.  


The studio also did some awesome renovations this past summer, opening windows for parents to see better, expanding their actual studio space by pretty much doubling it, adding new bars, and so much more.  I loved the studio and appreciated that even for Emily's age it was professional and not "child-like".   


I'll be posting updates as we go along from week to week but for now, how sweet are these adorable kiddos below!?  

To check out The Children's Ballet, click here!

Capsule Wardrobe: Mom's Day Out

Capsule Wardrobe: Mom's Day Out

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