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I'm Leah, it's so nice to meet you!  Thanks so much for stopping by our blog.  I hope you find something fun!

A Simple Toddler Snack They'll Love

A Simple Toddler Snack They'll Love


 Fun fact: Did you know September is National Honey  Month?  That's right, an entire month dedicated to this natural yumminess that kiddos love.  Here in the Midwest it's starting to feel a lot like Fall which for me includes lots of chunky sweaters, boots, outdoor fun, cuddling, and lots of golden moments I want to remember forever.  


September seems to sort of be the gateway month to all things good; Halloween, Thankgiving, Christmas.  Until all of the yummy holiday treats arrive I think it's a good idea to celebrate September with a good everyone loves.  Honey!

Today Emily really wanted to help make her own after school snack.  She was just the sweetest little helper and thouroghly enjoyed being a "big girl" and was so proud to show off her final creation.  I loved being able to watch and instruct her and to have her follow along.  Like I always say, letting kids learn by doing is the absolute best thing in my opinion and making her own snack of course fits right in there.   


Mine of the most important things for me when letting Emily make her own snack is that it's simple.  If it's too many steps she just gets irritated and is done with everything.  This snack was super easy to make; bread (untoasted per the request of Emily), peanut butter, apple slices, and drum roll please... honey!  


How do you celebrate National Honey Month with your littles?!

Capsule Wardrobe: The Perfect Sweater

Capsule Wardrobe: The Perfect Sweater

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